Zsolt Magyar C.A.S.


Phone: +1 310-980-2044


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Midsommar (sound Mixer)

Shut Eye (TV Series) (sound mixer)

Paranormal Activity 2 (sound mixer)

The Room (sound mixer)


Production Sound Mixer /207 credits/

2022 Suncoast (Searchlight-Disney) (sound mixer) SC 

2022 Site (sound mixer) NC 

2022 The Night Of The Haunted (sound mixer) LA 

2022 Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) (sound mixer) LA 

2022 PLEA (sound mixer) LA 

2022 Murderville (Netflix TV Series) (sound mixer) LA 

2021 The Goldbergs (ABC) – (Additional Sound Mixer) LA

2021 Resurrected (sound mixer) LA 

2021 One Condition (sound mixer) LA

2021 Altamed PACE Commercial (sound mixer) – LA

2021 Single Care Commercial (sound mixer) – LA

2020 Finch (sound mixer) – LA unit
2020 Death Rider in the House of Vampires (sound mixer) – LA
2020 American Gadfly – (sound mixer) – Monterey CA, New York, Detroit

2019 Falling – (sound mixer) – LA unit
2019 Medical Police – TV – (2nd unit sound mixer) LA unit
2019 20 minutes – (sound mixer) -Oahu, Hawaii
2018 Endings, Beginnings (sound mixer) LA
2018 Midsommar (sound Mixer) – Budapest, Hungary
2018 Old Flames (sound mixer) – LA
2018 Mustang (sound mixer) – Carson City, Nevada
2017 Business Doing Pleasure (TV Series) (sound mixer
2017 State of Ward (Short) (sound mixer) LA
2017 Watch the Sky (sound mixer) LA

2014 One Condition (Short) (sound mixer) LA
2017 Shut Eye (TV Series) (sound mixer – 8 episodes) LA
2017 I Ship It (TV Series) (sound mixer – 12 episodes) LA
2017 9/11 (sound mixer) Long Beach, CA
2017 Woodshock (sound mixer) Eureka, CA
2017 The Detained (sound mixer) LA
2017 Unwritten Obsession (sound mixer) LA
2017 Amityville: The Awakening (sound mixer) LA
2017 Stephanie (sound mixer) LA
2017 Pillow Talk (TV Series) (sound mixer – 6 episodes) LA
2017 Sandy Wexler (2nd unit sound mixer) LA
2017 Slamma Jamma (sound mixer) Venice, CA
2017 An Uncommon Grace (TV Movie) (sound mixer) LA
2016 The Engagement Clause (TV Movie) (sound mixer) LA
2016 The Huntsman: Winter’s War (sound mixer: additional photography) LA

2016 Two Minutes to Midnight (TV Mini-Series) (sound mixer – 2015-) LA 2015-2016 CrowdFunded (TV Series) (sound mixer – 2 episodes) LA
2015 Chasing Eagle Rock (sound mixer) LA
2015 Intruder (Short) (sound mixer) LA
2015 Jack of All Trades (Short) (sound mixer) LA
2015 Truth (sound mixer: additional photography Los Angeles)
2015 Visions (sound mixer) LA
2015 Sinister 2 (sound mixer: Los Angeles) LA
2015 The Gift (sound mixer) LA
2014-2015 Jump Outs (TV Series) (sound producer – 8 episodes) LA
2015 Superfast! (sound mixer) LA
2014 Reach Me (additional sound mixer) LA
2014 Ouija (sound mixer) LA
2014 Default (sound mixer) LA
2014 Mercy (sound mixer) LA
2014 Mockingbird (sound mixer) LA
2014 Reality (sound mixer) LA
2014 ESPY Awards: Drake vs Blake (TV Special) (sound mixer) LA
2014 Jinn (additional sound mixer) Michigan
2014 What Ever Happened to Timi (sound mixer) Budapest, Hungary
2014 Low Down (sound mixer) LA
2014 Cooties (sound mixer) LA
2013 American Bullies (Short) (sound mixer) LA
2013 You Know Me (Short) (sound mixer) LA
2013 Dancing on a Dry Salt Lake (sound mixer) Death Valley
2013 Wedding Palace (sound mixer) LA
2013 Dark Skies (sound mixer: LA)
2013 Head Case (sound mixer) LA
2012 Divorce Invitation (additional sound mixer) LA
2012 Maniac (sound mixer) LA
2012 Wrong Cops: Chapter 1 (Short) (sound mixer) LA
2012 Wrong (sound mixer) LA
2009-2012 Nosferajew (TV Series) (sound mixer – 2 episodes) LA

2011 In My Pocket (sound mixer) LA
2011 Painting in the Rain (sound mixer) LA
2011 FCU: Fact Checkers Unit (TV Series) (sound mixer – 1 episode) LA

2011 Getting That Girl (sound mixer) LA
2011 Paranormal Activity 3 (sound mixer)
2011 About Sunny (sound mixer) LA
2011 Into the Fire (TV Series) (sound mixer – 1 episode) LA
2011 Dreamland: La terra dei sogni (sound mixer) LA
2011 Cross (Video) (sound mixer) LA
2011 Cougars Inc. (sound mixer) LA
2011 Hyenas (sound mixer) LA
2010-2011 Disney Kitchen Jam (TV Series) (sound mixer – 4 episodes) LA

2011 Terri (sound: additional photography) LA
2011 Monster Mutt (sound mixer) LA
2011 Phil Cobb’s Dinner for Four (sound mixer) LA
2010 Paranormal Activity 2 (sound mixer) LA
2010 Insidious (sound mixer) LA
2010 Sudden Death! (Short) (sound mixer) LA
2010 Taylor Warren (Short) (sound mixer) LA
2010 Ark (TV Series) (sound mixer – 9 episodes) LA
2010 White Wall (sound mixer) LA
2010 Bumps in the Night (TV Series) (sound mixer – 1 episode) LA
2010 Rubber (sound mixer) LA
2010 Funny or Die Presents… (TV Series) (sound mixer – 9 episodes) LA

2010 Drunk History (TV Series) (sound mixer – 2 episodes) LA
2010 Krews (sound mixer) LA
2010 Alphonso Bow (sound mixer) LA
2009 Stolen (sound mixer) LA
2009 Repo Chick (production sound mixer) LA
2009 It’s a Mismatch (sound mixer) Riverside, CA
2009 The Perfect Game (sound mixer) LA
2009 New in Town (sound mixer: Los Angeles)
2009 Air Force Elite (TV Movie documentary) (sound) LA
2009 Hangman (sound mixer) Big Bear
2008 Living with Abandon (TV Movie) (sound mixer) LA
2008 The Key (Short) (sound mixer) LA
2008 Streak (Short) (sound mixer)
2008 The Spleenectomy (Short) (sound mixer) LA
2008 Chuck (TV Series) (sound mixer – 1 episode) LA
2008 Toxic (sound mixer) LA
2008 Dark Streets (sound mixer) LA
2008 Wainy Days (TV Series) (sound mixer – 1 episode) LA
2008 The Appearance of Things (sound mixer) LA
2008 Larry (the Actor) (Short) (sound) LA
2008 One, Two, Many (sound mixer) LA
2008 Kissing Cousins (sound mixer) / (sound recordist) LA
2008 Sizzlean (Short) (sound mixer) LA
2008 Montana (sound mixer) LA

2008 Falling (sound mixer) LA
2008 Em (sound mixer) LA
2007 Dressed to Kilt (TV Movie documentary) (sound mixer) LA
2007 Nobody’s Shalom (Short) (sound mixer) LA
2007 7-10 Split (sound mixer) LA
2007 Bone Dry (additional sound mixer) Death Valley
2007 Lily (Short) (sound mixer) LA
2007 The Strand (Video) (sound mixer) LA
2007 Rolling (sound mixer) LA
2007 Careless (sound mixer)
2006 Pledge This! (sound mixer) LA
2006 Afterglow (Short) (ADR recorder & mixer) LA
2006 Deceit (TV Movie) (sound mixer) LA
2006 Hood of Horror (sound mixer) LA
2006 18 Fingers of Death! (Video) (sound mixer) LA
2006 The Dillinger Conspiracy (TV Movie documentary) (sound mixer) LA 2006 Gillery’s Little Secret (Short) (sound mixer) LA
2006 Hooked (Short) (sound mixer) LA
2006 God’s Waiting List (sound mixer) LA
2005 Flat Tire (Short) (sound mixer) LA
2005 States of Grace (sound mixer) LA
2005 Living ’til the End (sound mixer) LA
2005 Edmond (sound mixer) LA
2005 N.T.V. Volume 1 (Video) (sound mixer) LA
2005 Just a Girl (Short) (sound mixer) LA
2005 Adam & Steve (sound mixer) LA
2005 Truce (sound mixer) LA
2005 Ghosts Never Sleep (sound) LA
2005 Lucky (Short) (sound mixer) LA
2005 Final Approach (Video) (sound mixer) LA
2005 Me and You and Everyone We Know (additional sound mixer) LA

2004 Buds for Life (sound mixer) LA
2004 The Hollow (Video) (sound mixer) LA
2004 Dead Doll (Video) (sound mixer) LA
2004 Homeless in America (Documentary short) (sound mixer) LA
2004 Sweet Potato Pie (Video) (sound mixer) LA
2004 I Left Me (Short) (sound mixer) LA
2004 Silver Bullet Kid (Short) (sound mixer) LA
2003 Jimmy Hunt (Short) (sound mixer) LA
2003 The Cure (sound mixer) LA
2003 The Room (sound) LA
2003 The Job (sound mixer) LA
2002 Only Human (Short) (sound mixer) LA


Television Academy Active Member

Cinema Audio Society Active Member I.A.T.S.E. Local 695


Cinema Audio Society, USANominated

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Mixing for Television Movies and Mini-Series The Hollow


Kando Kalman Technical University, now called OBUDA University Hungary

Associate degree in electric engineering

UCLA Extension

The film scoring program


Musician. Keyboard player. Mac computer-Boom Recorder software. iPad Movie Slate software. Fluent in English and Hungarian.


Zsolt Magyar C.A.S. is a Hungarian born, Los Angeles based Production Sound Mixer. In Budapest, at the age of 18 he began his studies in Electric Engineering, and he played in various Hungarian bands as a keyboard player and songwriter.
In 2000, Zsolt moved to Los Angeles to seek a career in the Hollywood film industry. Shortly after, he started working as a production sound mixer. His extensive credits include many features films, television shows, and commercials.

In 2004, Zsolt was nominated by the Cinema Audio Society for Outstanding Achievement for Sound Mixing for the TV movie, “The Hollow.” He joined the Cinema Audio Society shortly after. He is a dual citizen; American/Hungarian.


References are available upon request.


20+ years in Sound Mixing
5 years in Audio and Video presentation technician